Is it a good idea to do travel nursing?

Posted on Fri 10 June 2022 in Travel

One of the biggest advantages of being a travel nurse is that you have the ability to be making a six-figure salary. That is a great living. Now, if an institution really needs staff to work, they can really increase the amount they will pay you for your contract.

What is the difference between a nurse and a travel nurse?

Unlike staff nursing jobs, which are typically permanent, travel nursing jobs are short-term positions and can last anywhere from eight to 13 weeks — but some may last for longer.

What is a travel nurse contract?

What is a Travel Nurse Contract? A brief definition: a “travel nursing contract” describes a series of agreements between the allied pro, the agency, and the hospital. Nurses have an employment contract with their agency. The agency then has a contract with a vendor sourcing manager that contracts with the hospital.

Can you quit a travel nurse contract?

Nurses can Cancel Contracts Travel nurses do have the ability to cancel their own contracts but it is not recommended. The majority of reasons travel nurses cancel are because of family emergencies, personal health problems, facilities not adhering to agreed time off and schedule, and a poor working environment.

Why are travel nurse rates dropping?

Steady COVID-19 hospitalizations and the meltdown of pandemic relief funding are contributing to substantially lower demand for travel nurses, including lower pay and canceled contracts, NBC News reports.

What are the disadvantages of being a travel nurse?

Cons of Travel Nursing

  • Logistics of Travel. Whether you're traveling for a long or short assignment, frequent travel is not easy; in fact, any profession is difficult when travel is part of the job duties.
  • Loneliness.
  • Multiple Licenses.
  • Compensation and Budgeting.
  • Career Trajectory.
  • Do you make more money as a travel nurse?

    The average annual salary for a travel nurse is $108,070 in 2022, acccording to That is significantly higher than the average mean salary for staff nurses, $75,330 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

    Is it better to be a travel nurse or staff nurse?

    As a travel nurse, you can earn more money than staff nurses, primarily if you work overtime. Travel nurses, on average, earn a yearly salary of $108,170, with extra overtime pay of $13,750. The job also comes with numerous benefits, 401(k) provided by almost all employers.