What is considered walking in basketball?

Posted on Thu 16 June 2022 in Travel

Walking in basketball is a dribbling violation that occurs when a player illegally moves with possession of the ball, like when a player moves their pivot foot or moves without dribbling. A walking violation results in a turnover. Walking can also be referred to as traveling.

Is walk and travel the same thing?

Re: What is the difference between a travel and a walk? There is no difference, 'travel' and 'walk' are synonyms.

Is 3 steps a travel in basketball?

At first glance, it sure looks like Harden is taking three steps before he scores the ball, which would be against the rules and should be whistled as a travel. But if you look at the NBA rule book and watch the play again, it's pretty clear this isn't traveling. It's a totally legal move.

Is traveling still called in basketball?

That's why referees are working harder to get it right. Critics of the NBA — and even some fans — have long sneered that the league doesn't call traveling. McCutchen said data showed officials were missing about two per game, but the way the game is played today can make those misses more penal for the defense.

What counts as a travel?

Generally speaking, a travel foul occurs when a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball. The player can move independently as long as they continue to dribble. If the player comes to a complete stop, either the left or right foot may become the pivot foot.

What is the NBA rule for traveling?

Incorporating the Gather into the Traveling Rule A player who gathers the ball while progressing may (a) take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball or (b) if he has not yet dribbled, one step prior to releasing the ball to start his dribble.

Is a drop step a travel?

If one foot is on the floor it becomes the pivot foot when the other comes down. So for this to be legal that drop step needs to occur during the catch, thus making it the pivot foot. Thx Z: I agree, it's a travel by the book, but it's rarely called.

Is double dribbling a travel?

Double dribbling is a relatively simple rule in basketball that comes into play when a player dribbles the ball, pauses, and then resumes dribbling again. This foul is similar to other moving fouls like traveling and carrying.

Is Stepback a travel?

The James Harden Step Back doesn't always get called a travel by NBA referees. Zach Zarba, a 15-year NBA referee, is here to weigh in on whether or not the move is a travel. He takes a hint from when the ball is gathered.